HiringPhoneOperators.com 20 reasons to become a phone operator today!

HiringPhoneOperators.com is on the cutting edge in pay per call phone systems technology and has made it available for everyone to start their own pay per call phone line.

Below are 20 reasons why you should become a phone operator today.

1.  Work from home - There are numerous studies and articles written on how people who work from home are more productive than those that work in an office or call-center setting.  When in the comfort of your own home, you're familiar with your environment, more relaxed, save money on gas and eliminate the hassle of rush hour traffic.

2.  Phones are everywhere - Smartphones are ubiquitous today and it's easier than ever to expand your business and connect with billions of people.  And since there are so many different kinds of smartphones on the market, it makes them more affordable.  Apps that are available on the market can do the work of 100 people while making it easy for you to things like video chat, text, receive and send money, all straight from your smartphone.

3.  More intimate and personal - We're all aware of the free porn sites and social media pages that exist. But nothing beats a one-on-one conversation with someone. Not everyone wants to be in a chatroom or watch a webcam show with tons of other people.
4.  Use social media to find customers - More than ever before, social media has made it easier for entrepreneurs to get free advertising and to have direct access to the specific demographic they're trying to reach. It's no wonder why you are starting to see more Fortune 500 companies taking to social media to stay connected.

5.  Anyone can do it - Unless you are treating someone for medical conditions, credentials are not important.  All you need is a good personality, the ability to listen and to be able to hold a conversation, all of which, can be fine-tuned over time.

6.  No special equipment - The days of having to contact the phone company to install another phone line and router in your home are a thing of the past.  With pay per call services like PaidByTheMinute.com all you need is a phone and all of your calls, transactions, billing and bookkeeping are automatically recorded for you.

7.  Set your own hours - No need to do the traditional 9 to 5 when you work for yourself.  If you're not a morning person, that's fine! Take calls in the evening.  It's completely up to you. No need to punch a clock or call in to say you're running late.
8.  Set your own rate per minute - There aren't too many jobs where you not only get paid by the minute but also get to set your own rate per minute.  Being a phone operator gives you the ability to do both.  Services such as  PaidByTheMinute.com lets you set your pay per call rate as low as $.50 and as high as $75 per minute!

9.  Discuss different topics - Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to being a phone operator.  You can talk about any topic you choose or even explore nontraditional topics.  Choose from relationship issues, adult chat, health and beauty tips, legal assistance, tarot reading, psychic reading, phone sex, food addiction and much more.

10. It’s fun - Getting paid to talk on the phone on your own time is awesome!  Now you can let your phone pay for itself.  You'll get the chance to speak to people from all around the world and help others all while getting paid by the minute.  

11. There’s no maximum age limit - Most professions turn a cold shoulder to those that are more advanced in age.  But as a phone operator, you are actually rewarded the older you are because that means you have more wisdom and experience to share.  You're never to old to teach.
12. Couples can do it - You can take calls with your significant other, or, if you have a business, take calls with your partner(s).  The automated pay per call billing process allows you to focus on your conversation without being distracted by the technical details.

13. Webcam calls - Taking webcam calls can increase your business by giving you a visual presence with your callers.  In business they say, you can provide a better service if you can appeal to more senses.  To communicate with someone over the phone is great but to actually see them is even better.  Webcams today are cheap and some are even free if you own a smartphone.

14. Take calls from anywhere (international) - It's ok if you're not based in the United States.  Not only can you take calls from anywhere but you can reroute your lines to any phone. This way there's no need to miss calls just because you're in another country.  That's true freedom.

15. No formal education or interview
You don't need a special degree or to go through a lengthy interview process to be a phone operator.  Your callers and your bank account will be the only proof you need of whether you're qualified or not.

16. You can always make money - The weather, your location, attire or education does not matter.  If it's 1 AM or 3 PM, if you're 21 or 81, it doesn't matter.  As long as you have a phone and an opinion, you can get paid.
17. You can make a lot of money -  Not only can you make money but you can make a lot of money. Even with a per minute rate of $1.99, that still equals $119 per hour and in a 40hr work week that's over $16K a month!  Now that's impressive. Not bad for a stay at home job that not only requires a phone and no formal education.

18. Direct deposit - It's important for your money to be easily accessible without having to pay extra fees while you wait for checks in the snail mail.  As a paidbytheminute phone operator you can get your payments made directly to your bank account so all you have to do is take calls. Billing, payment and processing are all automated.

19. You can be anonymous - Privacy is important and as a phone operator you can always maintain your anonymity. PaidByTheMinute.com offers a double-blind calling system, ensuring that your identity and phone number always remain private (and you also get a cool gold "call now" button like this for Free).

20. It's Free to start and maintain - This one is a no brainer.  Very few, if any, businesses allow you to start the same day while having a turnkey operation waiting for you with no upfront costs.  The paidbytheminute system has put an end to the saying "you need money to make money." Now, all you need is a phone.

I know we said 20 reason but here's one more.
21. You can start immediately - There is no waiting, set-up time or approval process to go through.  Simply create a free account add your phone number to create your pay per call listing. Your pay per call listing will be available and ready to receive calls, direct messages and tips instantly.


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