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Reaching out for help or speaking to someone is often what we need, but rarely have the courage to admit. It's usually the feeling of inadequacy or embarrassment, or the fear of being judged that keep us from getting the help that could lead to opportunities of grow. 

We live in a time where we have numerous devices that are supposed to keep us connected to one another, and they do, but somehow, people are feeling more disconnected than ever. With all this connectivity, there is still no algorithm that can replace human interaction. Rajiv Vinnakota went into detail on this topic in his Huffington Post article "Social media builds walls, not bridges."  

We all have lives to live and busy schedules, which oddly enough, we seem to find time for everything and everyone else, while our own concerns get put on the back burner.

This is why pay per call services like exist, to make it easy for you to connect with a trusted advisor in less than a minute. The number is easy to remember, so call 866-9-Advice for a live one-on-one chat 24/7.

It's Easy To Place A Call

  1. Create a free account - enter promo code PBTM18 and receive a $10 credit just to try the system.
  2. Choose an advisor to speak with.
  3. Press the “call now” button and get connected instantly.
You can also send a direct message to an advisor before connecting if you have questions, have a special request or want to schedule for a specific date and time. provides excellent customer service and promptly responds to your  questions within one hour.

Records of all your calls and transactions are conveniently keep in your account for easy access and are updated in real time. 

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